I approach our work together in psychotherapy as a collaborative process. Regardless of the particular treatment that is undertaken, I believe strongly that the most important aspect is the therapeutic relationship; one based on caring, respect, and trust. This fosters an environment in which you can talk openly and honestly about your feelings, and where you can feel not only heard but also safe.





Adult & Adolescent Psychotherapy
I specialize in individual therapy with adolescents (ages 12-17), young adults (ages 18-25), and adults. 
In addition to individual therapy, I also offer time-limited groups that, respectively, address chronic pain, stress management, and bereavement. If you are interested in joining a group, please call to see if any are currently available.



Life & Career Transitions

As a career changer myself, I have both a personal and professional interest in helping others navigate career change as well as other professional issues. 


Prior to obtaining my doctorate, I was a Senior Vice President, Account Director at a multinational advertising agency based in New York. Given my extensive business and managerial experience, I can serve as a sounding board to help with strategic decision-making, coach a newly promoted employee who has never supervised before, and help a client manage job-related stress.


In terms of life transitions, I have considerable experience helping clients address other life transitions, such as divorce, loss, and returning to work after childbirth.




Pre-Surgical Evaluation & Pre-/Post-Surgical Support

I provide the psychological evaluations required prior to bariatric surgery.

I also offer support before and after surgery to help individuals identify triggers for overeating and achieve a healthier relationship with food.





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